Strategy AUM Returns 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months Since Inception
Long Biased BRL 3,491.56 M | USD 625.38 M Fund 8.24% 31.42% 11.99% 400.17%
Ibov Index 5.43% 25.57% -4.33% 84.21%
Long Biased
Strategy's AUM BRL 3,491.56 M | USD 625.38 M
Return 12 Months
Fund 8.24%
Ibov Index 5.43%
24 Months
Fund 31.42%
Ibov Index 25.57%
36 Months
Fund 11.99%
Ibov Index -4.33%

Database: 06/28/2024 - Fund: Oceana Long Biased FIC FIA (Brazil-Domiciled); Numbers in Brazilian Reais (BRL); Inception date: 12/20/2010; Ibov Index is used for economic reference only, not fund’s objective.

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